Selling Process

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1.Why choose us

We are a locally based independent estate agent with a wealth of local knowledge, we carry out numerous valuations weekly, hold a large database of buyers in your area who are ready to move immediately, we open 6 days a week and conduct out of hours viewings and efficiently prepare your property ready for the marketing on some of the Uk’s largest property portals including Rightmove and On The Market.


We use a number of key tools that we have at our dispense including land registry, current market conditions and local comparable property prices along with years of local experience to determine the true market value of your property.

3.Instructing a Solicitor

The right solicitor can be the difference of the sale completing or falling through we always recommend using a solicitor you have either work with previously or have been recommended to by a previous client of the solicitor. We are can recommend a number of solicitors for you if needed.

4.Presenting your property

First impressions last so make it count here are some quick points to look at.

  • Kerb appeal counts, keep front gardens trimmed and clean
  • Keep driveways tidy and clear of debris
  • Windows and seals cleaned and freshly painted
  • Good lighting makes a room look bigger change broken bulbs
  • Make good those little jobs that have been over looked, broken handles, cracked window pane etc.
  • Gardens and outdoor spaces tended to with greenery trimmed back

5.Marketing your property

We will have a professional photographer take photos and produce a floor plan of your property to best maximise the marketing of your property. You will be notified of the photographer’s appointment so making the property look its best for this will give buyers the first look inside your property. Along with producing printed particulars your property will also be marketed online through the major property portals along with our website and our prominent sign boards as well as having access to our significant buyer database.

6.The key to successful viewings

With our 6 day week opening hours and our out of hours viewings we cater for most people’s diaries in order to have access to your property and with each viewing being accompanied by one of our knowledgeable staff we maximise the opportunity of finding you the right buyer for your property.

7.Receiving an offer

Once we have had a successful viewing and have received an offer we will notify you by both phone and in writing with regards to the details of the offer and the buyer’s position.

8.Offer agreed

Once you are happy with the offer and wish to accept we will prepare a memorandum of sale, write to all parties to confirm the agreed sale price and introduce both solicitors in the transaction for the transaction to proceed.

Your solicitor will send out a draft contract to the buyer's solicitor who will then carry out the required preliminary enquiries. At this stage you will also be able to agree on dates for the survey on your property, exchange of contracts and proposed date for completion.

There are no legal obligations until contracts are signed and exchange has occurred.

9.Exchange of contracts

Once the buyers solicitor has gained the relevant information about the transaction and all enquiries, local searches, mortgage offers have been received and acceptable you will be asked to sign the contracts for exchange of contracts at which point the transaction will be legally binding and the buyer legally bound to purchase the property along with a deposit exchanging hands between the solicitors. At this time a completion date is also set.


Is the BIG day your property is now SOLD and your solicitor will be in receipt of the balance of the purchase funds. Once the funds have been received your solicitor will notify you and your us as your estate agent to release keys to the buyer.